Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information Portal

The President of the Republic of South Africa in terms of section 23(1)(b) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 has announced the Covid-19 pandemic as a national disaster.

Due to the "Lock Down" and the regulations published by the medical associations - all elective surguries / procedures have been cancelled. 

Only procedures of the following nature are allowed :

1. Urgent surgery : is one that can wait until the patient is medically stable, but should generally be done within 2 days. Also includes surgery for fast growing malignancies, or where delaying cancer surgery by more than 2 months may lead to systemic morbidity.

2. Emergency surgery is one that must be performed without delay; the patient has no choice other than to undergo immediate surgery if permanent disability or death is to be avoided


I encourage all my patients to practice vigilance and the utmost precaution to help us fight the quick and overwhelming spread of the infection.

NB : I encourage you to take the risk assessment tool below and if further assessment is recommended, please follow the appropriate channels and inform us if any changes need to be done regarding your planned procedure.

Coronavirus Disease Risk Assessment Tool

Current Information from the NICD



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